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Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oil

Vegetable Oils

One of the things that we have come across most recently about health and weight loss is the emphasis on vegetable oils. It is a known fact that vegetable oils are beneficial for hair and skin as well as liver, stomach, digestion and many organs. Each vegetable oil has different benefits. You can also benefit from these oils according to your body’s needs.

Anise Oil

The most important benefit of anise oil is related to digestion and indigestion. It is used because it relieves gas and triggers the digestive system to be more active. It is also preferred by lactating mothers due to its edema removal and breast milk increasing effect. Since it is a relaxing oil, it is also a natural solution to the problem of insomnia.

Safflower Oil

One of the most popular vegetable oils of recent days is safflower oil. Safflower oil, which relieves rheumatic pains, also strengthens immunity. It is highly preferred by women due to its ability to accelerate metabolism and delay aging. Safflower oil, which is a good solution for skin dryness, is drunk on an empty stomach in the morning as it is an energizing oil.

Argan oil

Argan oil is also one of the oils used by women who have skin problems because it contains vitamin E. It has both a skin rejuvenating feature as well as removing irritation and sunspots. It is also an important aid in pregnancy stretch marks.

Tea Tree Oil

The most important feature of tea tree oil is that it provides a solution to skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis. On the other hand, it also has a therapeutic feature for athlete’s foot.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most recommended oils of recent days. This oil, which is good for many things from sugar to cholesterol, kidney disease, also has a therapeutic feature in skin blemishes and under-eye wrinkles. Accelerating the metabolism also makes it preferred for those who have weight problems.

Indian Oil

Castor oil makes important contributions to those who have skin problems and diseases such as Rosacea. Other benefits include relieving constipation and relieving joint pain.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is one of the oils that cleans the skin and gives it elasticity . Another important benefit is that it prevents hair from breaking and nourishes the scalp and makes it grow in a shorter time.


St. John’s Wort oil

Centaury oil, among vegetable oils, is one of the important vegetable oils that is almost a panacea. Apart from indigestion and stomach problems, it is also good for skin injuries and irritations. It is also an important helper in problems such as sprains and sunburns. Other benefits include lowering blood sugar and being good for depression.

Sesame oil

Sesame oil, which is especially good for dry skin, is an oil that makes very important contributions to the skin with its zinc content. This oil, which also helps for more beautiful and healthy hair, also makes your hair turn gray later.

Antalya Turkey


Antalya Turkey

Turkey is a country that attracts visitors from all over the world with its many areas, unique nature and beauties. Especially with its coastal cities and magnificent places, Turkey’s tourist potential is quite high. Mediterranean and Aegean are the places where the touristic area is the widest. The natural beauties of the Mediterranean Region and the fact that the sea is suitable for swimming are very important for many visitors to intend to visit these cities. One of the most well-known cities in these magnificent areas of Turkey is Antalya. Antalya is one of the cities most admired by people with its unique nature, coastal towns, magnificent sea and air. It receives many visitors from the world and Turkey almost every month of the year.

Climate of Antalya

The Mediterranean climate prevails in Antalya. It has hot and humid summers and a warm air system in winters. When the heat of Antalya meets the unique coolness of the sea, it is a weather that does not disturb people at all. You can visit Antalya to have a nice holiday in the summer and to have a good time. It is a frequent destination for visitors with the hotel facilities it offers in many different towns. Kemer, Kaş, Manavgat, Belek and Alanya, which are within the body of Antalya, are the cities that form the backbone of Turkey in terms of tourism.

Waterfalls in Antalya

Antalya is a city that draws attention with its waterfalls and rivers among natural beauties. Düden and Kurşunlu Waterfalls, which are the biggest waterfalls in Turkey, are located in Antalya. Also, Manavgat Waterfall, located in Manavgat district of Antalya, is one of the waterfalls where Turkey’s water supply is provided. It is also possible to dive into a unique beauty course with the river that passes through the middle of Manavgat. Apart from this, Antalya draws attention with its historical beauties as a city that has shed light on history in many periods.

Antalya in History

This unique beauty of Antalya did not go unnoticed by the rulers of the time. It has hosted many empires. Areas such as the Aspendos Theater in Antalya and the ancient city of Side bear the remnants of this history. Many tourists from the world prefer Antalya to visit these ancient cities and historical ruins .

Dishes of Antalya

It is possible to reach the magnificent tastes of fish, one of the best dishes in a coastal city, in Antalya. In Antalya, which has different dams, there are wonderful places where you can taste dam fish and fish with the unique flavors of the Mediterranean. In addition, it is possible to find many different breakfast concepts where we will have breakfast in the village concept in the city, which draws attention with its natural beauties. When you visit Antalya, the magnificent city where your soul can rest while sipping your tea alone with nature, it will be good for you to breathe in these places.

Antalya’s Level of Development

In addition to the beauty of history and nature, Antalya is also a very good city in terms of development. As it can be understood from Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s words “Antalya is undoubtedly the most beautiful place in the world”, Antalya is a very beautiful city in its nature. Developmentally, it is one of the biggest cities of Turkey with its roads, transportation, shopping malls and universities. In short, with its air, water and development level, Antalya is one of the coastal cities of Turkey that must be seen.

Dishes Using Turkish Spices

turkish spices turkey

Dishes Using Turkish Spices

Spices have a special place and importance in Turkish cuisine. Located in the transition zone on the Silk Road and Spice Road, Turkey is among the countries that use the most spices in the world. Even if it is not the region where many well-known spices are grown, its use in food is quite high. Hot and sweet pepper sauces made from mint, thyme, black pepper and pepper come first among the spices grown in Turkey. With its sweet aroma and pleasant scent, saffron takes its place in traditional Turkish desserts. In particular, world-famous saffron cultivation is common in Safranbolu, Bartın and Kastamonu regions, which are known by its name.

Delicious Dishes to Make with Chilli Peppers

Pepper cultivation is carried out in many regions of Anatolia. Pepper, which is also grown in places such as the Aegean and Thrace, has gained its function as a spice mostly in the Southeast Region. Peppers grown in the Eastern Mediterranean and Southeastern Anatolia are more suitable for use as table hot peppers. Peppers dried under suitable conditions are also used as sweet and hot pepper sauces. It is used in local dishes such as kebabs, raw meatballs and lahmacun, as well as in soups and some meat dishes. It is widely used in ayran vaccine soup, ezo bride, breakfast sauces. It can be put into different types of food according to taste.

Spices Used in Soups

Among the spices used in soups, the most frequently used ones are mint. Depending on the type of soup made, the use of dry or fresh mint is common. A plain soup can be highly flavored with mint. It is also common to use mint in tzatziki and appetizers made with yoghurt. Due to the refreshing effect of mint, it is seen that it is also used to cool in hot weather. Fresh mint leaves are also used in delicious lemonades in world cuisine.

Dishes with Thyme

Thyme is one of the spices grown in almost every part of our country. Thin-leaved ones are called zahter. The fact that it is especially healing has caused it to be included in the prescriptions of lokman physicians. The use of rosemary in meat dishes adds a great flavor. It is also very common to use it with olive oil on breakfast olives.

Delicious Dishes Using Cumin

Homemade sausages will be at the forefront of the flavors unique to Turkish Cuisine, where cumin is used. In addition to making sausage, it is also used in meatballs and lentil meatballs. The most important spice that gives flavor to the lentil meatballs made with lentils and fine bulgur is cumin.

The Taste of Sumac

With its slightly sour flavor, sumac is frequently used in salads and vicious dishes. Growing up in the Southeast Anatolian Region, it has made it popular in this region to be used alongside kebabs. It is also common to use sumac with parsley in salads that accompany kebabs made with onions.


The Taste of Spices in Turkish Food

Turkish cuisine is among the few cuisines in the world cuisine. In this regard, the flavor of the spices is also very important. The variety of spices used in almost every dish is important in terms of both health and taste.