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Information About Fiskobirlik

Fiskobirlik is a Turkish agricultural cooperative that specializes in the production and marketing of olives and olive oil. The cooperative was founded in 1936 and has its headquarters in the city of Izmir. Fiskobirlik is one of the largest olive and olive oil producers in Turkey and is known for its high-quality products.

Fiskobirlik produces a wide range of olive and olive oil products, including table olives, olive paste, olive oil soap, and extra virgin olive oil. The cooperative uses a combination of traditional and modern techniques to produce its products, with a focus on preserving the natural flavor and nutritional properties of the olives. Fiskobirlik's products are sold both domestically in Turkey and internationally in countries such as the United States, Canada, and Japan.

Fiskobirlik Products

Fiskobirlik produces a variety of olive and olive oil products, including:
  1. Table olives: Fiskobirlik offers several types of table olives, including green and black olives in various sizes and flavors.
  2. Olive paste: Fiskobirlik produces olive paste that can be used as a spread or a dip for bread or crackers.
  3. Olive oil soap: Fiskobirlik makes soap from high-quality olive oil, which is gentle on the skin and moisturizing.
  4. Extra virgin olive oil: Fiskobirlik's extra virgin olive oil is made from cold-pressed olives and is known for its fruity flavor and low acidity.
  5. Flavored olive oils: Fiskobirlik offers a range of flavored olive oils, including garlic, basil, and lemon, that can be used in cooking or as a finishing oil.
  6. Dried olives: Fiskobirlik also produces dried olives, which can be used in cooking or as a snack.
  7. Olive oil-based cosmetics: Fiskobirlik offers a range of cosmetic products that are made with olive oil, including body lotions, face creams, and lip balms.