Dishes Using Turkish Spices

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Dishes Using Turkish Spices

Spices have a special place and importance in Turkish cuisine. Located in the transition zone on the Silk Road and Spice Road, Turkey is among the countries that use the most spices in the world. Even if it is not the region where many well-known spices are grown, its use in food is quite high. Hot and sweet pepper sauces made from mint, thyme, black pepper and pepper come first among the spices grown in Turkey. With its sweet aroma and pleasant scent, saffron takes its place in traditional Turkish desserts. In particular, world-famous saffron cultivation is common in Safranbolu, Bartın and Kastamonu regions, which are known by its name.

Delicious Dishes to Make with Chilli Peppers

Pepper cultivation is carried out in many regions of Anatolia. Pepper, which is also grown in places such as the Aegean and Thrace, has gained its function as a spice mostly in the Southeast Region. Peppers grown in the Eastern Mediterranean and Southeastern Anatolia are more suitable for use as table hot peppers. Peppers dried under suitable conditions are also used as sweet and hot pepper sauces. It is used in local dishes such as kebabs, raw meatballs and lahmacun, as well as in soups and some meat dishes. It is widely used in ayran vaccine soup, ezo bride, breakfast sauces. It can be put into different types of food according to taste.

Spices Used in Soups

Among the spices used in soups, the most frequently used ones are mint. Depending on the type of soup made, the use of dry or fresh mint is common. A plain soup can be highly flavored with mint. It is also common to use mint in tzatziki and appetizers made with yoghurt. Due to the refreshing effect of mint, it is seen that it is also used to cool in hot weather. Fresh mint leaves are also used in delicious lemonades in world cuisine.

Dishes with Thyme

Thyme is one of the spices grown in almost every part of our country. Thin-leaved ones are called zahter. The fact that it is especially healing has caused it to be included in the prescriptions of lokman physicians. The use of rosemary in meat dishes adds a great flavor. It is also very common to use it with olive oil on breakfast olives.

Delicious Dishes Using Cumin

Homemade sausages will be at the forefront of the flavors unique to Turkish Cuisine, where cumin is used. In addition to making sausage, it is also used in meatballs and lentil meatballs. The most important spice that gives flavor to the lentil meatballs made with lentils and fine bulgur is cumin.

The Taste of Sumac

With its slightly sour flavor, sumac is frequently used in salads and vicious dishes. Growing up in the Southeast Anatolian Region, it has made it popular in this region to be used alongside kebabs. It is also common to use sumac with parsley in salads that accompany kebabs made with onions.


The Taste of Spices in Turkish Food

Turkish cuisine is among the few cuisines in the world cuisine. In this regard, the flavor of the spices is also very important. The variety of spices used in almost every dish is important in terms of both health and taste.