What to buy at the Grand Bazaar

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What to buy at the Grand Bazaar

It is a touristic bazaar in general and still maintains its attractiveness as a financial center due to the presence of jewelers. There are close to 6000 shops and it has somewhat avoided the complexity of the labyrinth . Since the streets of the covered bazaar are full of artisans doing the same job, they created a name for themselves as mirror makers, jewelers, fez makers, etc. In the Grand Bazaar, especially Turkish delight, dried nuts and spices began to be sold.

Grand Bazaar What Time Was established?

Located in the center of Istanbul, the Grand Bazaar is one of the old covered bazaars located in the middle of Nuru Osmaniye, Beyazıt and Mercan districts. It was built during the reign of Mehmet the Conqueror, that is, in 1961. There are approximately 6 thousand shops in the Grand Bazaar. The number of people working in these shops is exactly 30 thousand people. How many millions of tourists come annually. It is one of the most preferred places in the world.

Grand Bazaar How much Is it gated?

At the Osmaniye and Beyazıt entrances of the Grand Bazaar, there is an Ottoman coat of arms above the doors. It is seen with 37 symbols. It is built on an area of 42 thousand square meters with eight main gates. There are many places such as restaurants, mosques, cafeterias, etc. in the Grand Bazaar. It has a hidden power of attraction. It attracts people and builds habits. You don’t even realize how many times you have passed the street you just passed. It is the meeting point of antique carpets in the Grand Bazaar.

Grand bazaar What Makes?

The Grand Bazaar is one of the must-see places in Istanbul. There are gifts suitable for every moment. There are all kinds of products such as clothes, gold, silver jewelry, household goods, carpets, etc. Imitations of watches and bags of all products are used everywhere. You can find them all in the covered market. Everything you want is available in the covered market. If you haven’t visited the covered bazaar yet, something is missing. The oldest bank in the world finds the oldest tables.

Grandbazaar importance

The covered bazaar, which is known as one of the oldest and largest covered bazaars in the world, is also available in cafes where you can relax in the grand bazaar when you are tired, and there are also traditional dishes. That’s why I recommend you to stop by the covered bazaar if you wish. The old coppersmiths came there and created the covered bazaar. It is mostly crowded in the summer months. Tourists come from abroad. Those who come usually admire the covered bazaar.

Grand Bazaar Advantages

The covered bazaar consists of streets arranged in the north and south directions and at the same time perpendicular to each other. It provides a neat appearance. Whatever you look for in the Grand Bazaar, you can find it. It consists of 350 shops, whatever you want is available. Many people also come to take pictures. All shops are built the same width. It is strictly forbidden to compete among sellers such as quilters, jewelers, etc., they cannot compete with each other.

Grandbazaar What Has?

Many things such as all kinds of fabrics, jewellery, antiques, etc. are available in the Grand Bazaar. The Grand Bazaar is very crowded nowadays. Handcrafted goods manufactured in Turkey are offered for sale in a comfortable and reliable way in the covered bazaar. These are sold with quality and documents, and they are sent to every part of the world. The Grand Bazaar is a paradise adorning Istanbul. It has allocated a large place to the Grand Bazaar.