Butterfly Valley Turkey

butterfly valley

Butterfly Valley Turkey

Butterflies are the names given to creatures that attract people’s attention with their magnificent images belonging to the insect class. They have taken their place in nature as belonging to the order of flakes. Butterflies have 3 pairs of feet and two pairs of wings. Butterfly wings are made up of microscopic scales. It can shed its wings if it is shaken or touched. Since their mouths are in the shape of a pipette, it is possible for them to draw the nectar of flowers.

How Do Butterflies Reproduce ?

Butterflies reproduce with eggs. It is possible to see egg types such as sphere, cylinder or hemisphere of butterflies with eggs in different shapes. Butterflies hatched from eggs are called caterpillars. Since the caterpillar butterfly is quite voracious, it eats the leaves of the host plant by feeding too much. Some species grow rapidly and after a while they metamorphose into butterflies.

Butterfly Life

There are many different butterfly species in the world. There is a phrase about butterflies that their lifespan is one day. But this is a misunderstood information. The lifespan of a kind of fly, called the mayfly, is 1 day. Since this fly resembles butterflies, there is a belief that butterflies also have one day’s life. But considering the time they spend as caterpillars, butterflies can have a long lifespan. This lifespan can vary from 1 week to 1 year. It is possible to say that some different butterfly species live up to 30 years as caterpillars.

Butterfly Valley is in which province in Turkey?

Many people who research Butterfly Valley in Turkey want to know where this beautiful area is. Butterfly Valley is a tropical garden located in Konya, Turkey. The width of the garden was made over a very large area. Here, a tropical weather has been created where the butterflies in the garden can live. If you want to see butterflies of different species, you can definitely visit the Konya Butterfly governor.

Butterfly Species Found in Butterfly Valley Konya

There are 15 species of butterflies in Bebek Valley, Konya. Here, the butterflies are provided with a flight area of 1600 square meters. Butterflies can easily fly here in their natural habitat. In addition to butterflies, there are other plant species and insects in the valley. It is possible to see more than 20 thousand plant species belonging to 98 species in the garden. Konya Butterfly Valley covers an area of 7600 square meters in total, with a 3500 square meter excursion area.

Butterfly Valley Atmosphere

A Nature guide accompanies you here while you visit the Butterfly Valley. Accompanied by the nature guide, he gives you information about magnificent plant species and butterflies. It is possible to spend a wonderful night enjoying the natural environment away from stress and worry. The mystical and different atmosphere of Butterfly Valley makes people feel very comfortable in this region.

How to Get to Butterfly Valley?

Butterfly Valley is located in the center of Konya. If you have your own private vehicle to go here, it is possible to find it easily from the center of Konya. If you do not have a vehicle, it is possible to go to the Butterfly Valley with Konya’s own transportation vehicles. If you want to spend a perfect time in this unique natural wonder area, you should definitely visit Butterfly Valley Konya.