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Kitchen Products

The history of Kitchen Products dates back centuries, to the time of the Ottoman Empire. During this period, Turkish cuisine underwent a period of refinement and innovation, resulting in the development of many new kitchen tools and techniques. Some of the most important Turkish kitchen tools that originated during this period include:
  1. The mangal: The mangal is a traditional Turkish grill that is used to cook meat and vegetables. It is often made of stone or brick and is heated using charcoal or wood.
  2. The sahan: The sahan is a traditional Turkish copper or brass dish that is used to serve hot dishes, such as stews and casseroles. The sahan is often lined with tin to prevent the food from reacting with the copper.
  3. The cezve: The cezve is a small copper or brass pot that is used to make Turkish coffee. The pot has a long handle and a spout that allows the coffee to be poured without disturbing the grounds.
  4. The tas: The tas is a small, delicate glass that is used to serve Turkish tea. The glass is often decorated with intricate designs and is held by the rim to avoid burning the fingers.
  5. The pestle and mortar: The pestle and mortar are used to grind spices and herbs for use in Turkish cuisine. The mortar is typically made of stone or marble, while the pestle is made of wood.
These tools have been used for centuries in Turkish kitchens, and many are still used today. Some have been adapted to modern materials and designs, while others remain traditional and authentic.