Plants That Relieve Colds


Plants That Relieve Colds

common cold; It is an infectious disease that causes deterioration of the upper respiratory system. common cold; It spreads from person to person through droplets, by spreading viruses around, or it occurs as a result of a person’s low immune system in cold weather. It is a disease that is easily transmitted from person to person and is very common in humans.

With the arrival of winter, and more often with the false spring weather in autumn, sudden weather changes occur. In this weather, our nose is usually stuffy, we have a high fever in our body and head, and we sneeze constantly.

Treatment of the Common Cold

Our immune system fights viruses that cause colds and enter the body, but cannot cope with and resist all of them. And when the immune system is not able to defeat these powerful viruses, it causes frequent recurrence of the disease as well as the spread and transmission of the disease. To date, there is still no definitive cure for the common cold.

But it is known that antibiotics used in colds cause serious harm to the human body. People have resorted to the method of using herbal products instead of using drugs, i.e. chemicals, to strengthen the immune system and to take a foreign substance that is foreign to their body. For this purpose, herbs were collected as virgin from nature, teas and cures were prepared and tried. With the right plant used during the disease, the bad and harmful substances in the body are thrown out, and it also has a curative effect on the common cold. We can list these plants for you as follows;

Plants That Are Good For Colds

  • Echinacea Plant

Studies have proven that Echinacea in colds keeps the immune system strong and healthy and is effective against all kinds of viruses. For these reasons, it is necessary to consume echinacea tea both after catching a cold and before catching it.

  • Elder-berryplant

Elderberry is a huge plant that has been used in the treatment of flu and colds from past years to the present. Thanks to the acid in the plant, it helps the person to sweat and detox the body. At the same time, elderberry has antipyretic, blood cleansing and relaxing effects on the body.

  • Ginger

Ginger is a plant that has been used for colds for centuries, its effect has been fixed by experience and its benefits have been proven in the medical world. This plant causes sweating in the body, thus allowing the removal of bacteria and microbes in the body. It also has an immune system boosting effect.

  • Mint-Linden

Linden softens the throat and chest and also has an expectorant effect. In the treatment of colds, it has a diaphoretic and relaxing effect on the body.

Thanks to its raw material, menthol, mint is breath-taking and expectorant. It is also perfect for the treatment of dry coughs by softening the throat. It is widely used among the people with its lemon tea made by putting it in it.

  • Sage

Sage removes sore throat in colds. In addition, it has a beneficial effect against sore throat and burning, and is an important relaxing and stress-relieving herb.