Uzungol Travel Guide

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 Uzungol Travel Guide

Uzungol is one of the most touristic points of Trabzon, located in the province of Trabzon. When you go on a trip in Trabzon, which has a magnificent nature and greenery, Uzungöl should be among the first places you go. In Uzungöl, known as a highland village, you have the opportunity to enjoy a clean and beautiful nature.

This plateau, which is the indispensable route of the Black Sea tour, is one of the regions that receive the most precipitation. The region has a lush nature due to the rainfall. When you come to Uzungöl, the activities you will visit and do are as follows;

Uzungol Local Tastes

Since the Black Sea region is very fond of food, there are many restaurants in Uzungol. These restaurants are collected from the organic gardens of the Black Sea and added to the breakfast table. After a busy travel program, you can fill your stomach with a magnificent table. One of the most delicious local dishes of Uzungol is mihlama. This setting is indispensable for breakfast. When combined with real butter, a perfect taste emerges. When you come here, you should definitely look at these local delicacies.

Shopping in Uzungol

There are many activities to be done in Trabzon Uzungol, which is the center of attention of local and foreign tourists. The most important and most beautiful of these activities is to discover the nature of this place. You can discover the landscapes of Uzungöl, which you cannot see anywhere else, with a beautiful nature walk. At the same time, Jeep Safari tours are organized for those who do not like to walk. You can easily visit these places with Jeep Safari tours.

Paragliding in Uzungol

Paragliding, which is indispensable for excitement and adrenaline lovers, provides an excellent experience when it meets the views of Uzungol. You can experience this experience with the instructors who provide expert parachute training on Düzkoy Hakka training hill.

You can camp in Uzungol

Since Uzungol is both beautiful and its nature is perfect, there is never a shortage of people who come here. Uzungöl, which is a full oxygen tank, is a favorite of camping lovers. When you wake up in the morning, it is an invaluable beauty to breathe in the clean oxygen, to take a walk in the highlands and discover the nature, to meet a lush peace. If you want to have this beautiful experience and go to the most beautiful spots of the Black Sea region, you can start camping in Uzungöl.

Sekersu Highland

Şekersu plateau, one of the most beautiful and cutest plateaus in the region, is the most visited place in summer. Although it is very difficult to reach the region during the winter months, you can come and explore these places during the summer months.

Haldizen Plateau

Haldizen plateau is also known as Demirkapı plateau. This plateau, which has a magnificent view when combined with Uzungöl, is famous for its flowers. The scent of these flowers surrounds the region and at the same time creates a magnificent view and adds color to the region. You can come to Haldizen Plateau and explore this place to witness these beautiful landscapes and discover the immaculate nature.