What is Doner? Why Is It So Loved?


When it comes to ready meals in our country, many of us think of doner kebab. No matter how much doner we eat, we still crave doner and want to eat it the next day. What is the reason why doner kebab, which has many different varieties, is a dish we want to eat almost all of our days? When did doner first come out? Why is it so loved? What are the types of doner?

How is it prepared?

How doner kebab is prepared is one of the most curious subjects. There are various rumors about when doner kebab first appeared. It doesn’t really matter when it comes out. In fact, its current situation is among the most curious subjects. It is a product that has reached the pinnacle of taste, has stood out among so many different fast foods and has taken the first place.

First Doner

Some sources mention that doner kebab was first introduced to the market as kebab. It is said that İskender Bey invented the first doner kebab in Bursa. In the making of the doner, the inspiration is the lamb roast technique. In different sources, it is mentioned that Hamdi Usta, who is from Kastamonu, produced the first doner kebab. When we look at Evliya Çelebi’s Travel Book, the situation becomes completely different.

Made in Various Shapes

Çelebi, accompanied by pleasant conversations in the Crimean province, mentions that the meat hung on iron bars is cooked slowly and then finely cut and eaten. Well, it is very curious whether doner kebab came to Anatolia from the Crimea or was it made in Anatolia. Those who see cağ kebab in Erzurum say that doner has come from Erzurum. Although we do not know the exact date, the first Dönerci photograph was taken in 1855. Now, whichever you accept, the first doner has appeared then.

Doner Types

Among the types of doner, we can count meat doner kebab on top of rice, meat doner on bread, for those who want to eat a lot of meat. We can answer those who ask whether doner is made from meat only, and many people prefer chicken doner kebab. The affordable price and the high number of people who prefer chicken are the indicators of the world’s reputation of chicken doner. Many people wonder how such a great taste is made. Is it possible to make doner kebab at home, can the same taste be found outside, is one of the most frequently asked questions.

Doner Recipe

When you go out on the street in Turkey, it is possible to see doner kebabs being made almost every step of the way. You must have consumed the doner with cucumber, without salad, with pickles, without pickles, with ketchup, mayonnaise or plain, depending on your preference. So, how is doner made? For the doner, the master chooses meat or chicken from his special place.

This meat or chicken is marinated for a while with certain spices and some sauces. This marinated meat or chicken is cooked slowly in electric or wood rotating cooking places by sticking an iron bottle. Cooked meat, on the other hand, is served by cutting it with a knife, which is preferred to be cut thinly.

Can doner be made at home?

With some trials, it was possible to make doner at home. Maybe it is not possible to set up the iron skewer and its counter, but it is possible to produce a product similar to doner kebab by using similar techniques, of course. But it should not be forgotten that if you want a real doner kebab, proper marinating, proper cooking techniques and finely cutting it with a proper knife are among the tricks.

We don’t know if you make it at home or buy it from outside or look at the history, but I think why doner is loved so much, because of its sauce and its perfectly fine taste, many people in Turkey and even in the world enjoy eating doner kebab.