Bagels Everywhere Bagels


Of course, simit is one of the indispensable foods of our country with its crispy, sesame and fragrant smell. Bagel is an indispensable product for breakfast, afternoon tea and snacks. There are some rumors that the history of simit dates back to the Ottoman period. Although they have different names for the regions, the taste and the expected crunchiness are almost the same everywhere. In some cities of our country, simit consumption is quite high. Crispy baked bagels in wood-fired ovens are sold in many places.

Does Simit Make You Gain Weight?

Many people prefer to eat this product because of its nutritious, satisfying and anti-weight-bearing structure. In the past, burnt sugar was used to give that redness on the bagel, but today that color is obtained with molasses.

First Bagel

The first product made in the form of a ring in the Üsküdar Court Register of 1593 was called the simid-i ring and it has come to the present day with differentiation. Sultan II. It is possible to see simit among the foods allocated to the palace during the reign of Süleyman.

Bagels Every Season

It is known that some sultans kept bagels on their Ramadan tables, while others presented bagels to soldiers at iftar parties. In other words, simit is a product that is valued enough to be given as a gift in the Ottoman period. The famous Traveler Evliya Çelebi is also known as simidi donut and simidi nam donut in his travel book. The magnificent taste of the simit, its ring appearance, and the light sweet taste of molasses are one of the most important indicators that it is a product that we can never give up.

When did we stay away from bagels?

We mentioned that the bagel occupies a very long place in our lives from past to present. For a while, as Turkish people, we had to stay away from simit for a while. This period corresponds to the Second World War. In World War II, the shortage and lack of some products were at the highest level. Simit making was banned in the country for a while because it was scarce at that time. Fortunately, this ban did not last very long and we got our bagels again.

Bagel Types

Although there are different types of bagels, the basis is that they are made with the same logic. The bagel made by shoveling like bread in the oven is called the base wheel. In some places, simit is cooked in a pan. This bagel is called a pan bagel. Kazan bagel, which has a bright appearance with sesame and an excellent taste, is also made in some regions. Molasses process is done cold in some places and hot in some regions. Making hot or cold bagels can also cause different appearances and flavors.

Bagels in the World

Today, a completely different world has been formed with the different materials and shapes added to the bagels. There are many different and high quality companies that produce simit. They brought the operation of simit to the world. It is possible to see that simit, which is very popular in our country, is made and sold in many parts of the world.

It is now possible to see people from different cultures who prefer bagels with tea in thin-waisted tea glasses in many different markets. In other words, simit continues to represent us as simit everywhere.