What is Cezerye?


Cezerye, which is one of the most consumed products in the Mediterranean region, is known for its Turkish delight-like structure. Cezerye, which is mostly made by roasting with peanuts on the inside, is literally a vitamin and mineral store. It is a type of dessert made with cezerye, carrot, granulated sugar and coconut, which helps the body’s energy to be restored.

When you go to the Mediterranean region, Cezerye is found on almost every table. It has product contents rich in omega-3 and vitamin A. Most people can add products such as hazelnuts and peanuts instead of pistachios.

What are the Benefits of Cezerye?

Cezerye has many benefits. The benefits of Cezerye, which is very important for human health, are as follows; It is good for eye health as it has product contents rich in vitamin A. If you do not consume or cannot eat the carrot directly, you can consume it directly in cezerye. Cataract disease, which can be seen in advanced ages, is also prevented. If it is made by adding walnuts, it allows the eyes to see better.

It not only helps to renew the skin, but also protects the formation of cells, ensures healthy growth of hair and helps it to grow thicker. It has a structure that delays aging. It has also been determined by experts that it protects the structure of nerve cells. It supports the healing process of those who have problems such as mental illness and allows them to avoid mental illnesses. It has effects such as lowering cholesterol. It benefits cardiovascular health. It regulates the digestive system and eliminates constipation. It is effective in sweet crises, which dieters have the most difficulty with.

How is Cezerye Made?

Wash the carrots well and peel them. Cut it into pieces that are not too large. Throw in a small amount of water and boil over medium heat until soft. Puree the carrots, which have a good consistency, with the help of a blender. After mashing the carrot, put it in another bowl, add granulated sugar and cook it on low heat with the help of a wooden spoon.

Put honey on the boiling carrots, add the spices you want to put into the boiling water. Add the pistachios to the cooked carrots and mix well. Flatten the cooked products on the square tray with the help of a spatula, and sprinkle the coconut on it, taking care not to be too thick.

Refrigerate for Good Consistency

Throw the cooked and prepared cezeryes into the refrigerator and freeze them thoroughly. You can slice the frozen and cooled Cezeryes and share them with your loved ones. You can end both your delicious and sweet crises with cezerye. You can consume them during the day by adding them to your tables, as well as tea, along with coffee.

Cezerye, which also gives a feeling of satiety, is among the healthiest food types in your moments of hunger. You can make your cezerye by looking at the cezerye recipe that you can easily make at home. By consuming healthy foods, you can take steps to improve your future health. When you get used to this natural flavor, which can be eaten in all seasons, summer and winter, you can’t stop.