Bodrum Turkey

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Bodrum Turkey

Bodrum is one of the most preferred places among holiday resorts. Bodrum, which is loved by everyone, big and small, hosts thousands of people every year. Bodrum, which is always full from the summer months to the end of summer, makes you feel like you are in heaven with its beautiful places. In Bodrum, you will not have any stress-related problems after the summer months and the scenery you see. Although there are different places to visit, the bays are just as beautiful and cute. The most beautiful places to visit in Bodrum are as follows;

Bodrum castle

Bodrum Castle, known as the symbol of Bodrum, is a place you must visit when you first come to Bodrum. This castle, which has preserved its existence since ancient times, is also used as an underwater museum. You can definitely visit this historical place, which offers various information about the lives of ancient times, and see the works of the period.

Zeki Muren Art Gallery

Everyone who is a fan of Zeki Müren has come to this museum at least once. Zeki Müren, being a unique artist, spent the last days of his life in Bodrum. In this art gallery, which was opened as a museum after 2000, Zeki Müren’s stage costumes, personal belongings, and many items, including the awards he received, meet with his fans here. If you are a Zeki Müren fan, you should definitely come here. It is open every day except Mondays.

Rabbit Island

Rabbit Island, located around Gumusluk bay, is a unique place that gives peace. You can witness different views on this island, where you can watch the sunset in the most beautiful way. This island, which is one of the most visited places when you come to Bodrum, is the cutest island of Bodrum. If you wish, you can enjoy the sea, sunbathe and explore the surrounding area.

bar Street

One of the first places that comes to mind when Bodrum is mentioned, the street of bars is a frequent destination for people who love nightlife. This place, which is suitable for all ages and all kinds of entertainment, is very crowded especially in summer. It is indispensable at night with its colorful nightlife, entertaining music and lively atmosphere.

Bitez Beach

Bitez Beach, which is among the most popular and preferred beaches of Bodrum, is a public beach. It is a place frequently visited by local and foreign tourists as well as by the public. You can enjoy the summer months here with lush green trees, clear water, and a deep blue sea. It would be beneficial to add Bitez Beach, which is one of the places you must visit when you come to Bodrum, to your route.


Yalıkavak, which comes to mind when shopping, entertainment, sea, sand and sun are mentioned, is a place famous for its windmills. Yalıkavak, where you can watch the most beautiful view of the sunset, is among the indispensable places of Bodrum. You can come to this beautiful and unique place during the summer months and spend your holiday in the best way possible. You can spend time with your loved ones in this place, which is the most loved place of Bodrum.