Teas for Rejuvenation

anti aging tea

There are things we can do to ensure that our skin, which loses its elasticity and vitality over time, remains younger for a long time. Among these, there are creams and serums that we can use externally, as well as herbal teas and some nutrients that will nourish the skin from the inside. If you regularly consume these teas in a certain amount, you can have a much more vibrant and youthful skin. Listed below are some teas that can make your skin look younger.

Ginger tea

Ginger is a plant that is good for both our stomach and liver, and also has positive contributions to our skin. In fact, the majority of skin problems are caused by stomach and liver disorders and the loss of moisture balance of the body. Ginger tea, on the other hand, contributes to the moisturizing and regeneration of your skin. With ginger tea, which you can also squeeze a little lemon into, you can see that the small spots on your skin decrease over time.

Mint tea

Peppermint tea, which is a friend of our stomach and lungs when we get a cold, is also among the most beneficial teas for our skin. Peppermint tea, which contributes to the opening of the pores in our skin and cleaning them more quickly, also ensures the removal of toxins from the body. It is also recommended for the irritated areas to heal faster.

Chamomile Tea

Skin disorders are related to problems in organs such as the stomach and liver, as well as stress. Chamomile tea primarily helps us to be less stressed, which in turn relaxes our skin. Then, one of the most important benefits of chamomile is the disappearance of acne and regeneration of the skin.

Melissa Tea

Also known for its calming and sleep-aiding properties, lemon balm tea also helps your skin regain its lost moisture and oil ratio. In this way, your skin has a much better oil and moisture balance.


The indispensable and delightful scent of the winter months, the heart-warming tea, and sage make a detox effect on the skin. It is also an important helper for stretch marks and skin blemishes.

Rosehip tea

Experts say that you can drink rosehip tea, which is one of the teas that refreshes and cleans the skin, every day. One of the plants that heals the skin with its repairing effect is rosehip.

Jasmine Tea

If you want to have a bright and radiant skin, you can also drink jasmine tea, which has a calming effect.

Fennel tea

We said that skin problems are directly related to the stomach. In fact, our skin is linked to our digestive system in general. Every disruption that occurs in the functioning of our intestines and stomach affects our skin. Recommended for digestion, fennel tea helps the skin to be more moist. It is a skin friendly product with its feature of restoring the oil balance.

Rooibos Tea (Red Tea)

Vitamin C is one of the most essential things for the skin. If you want to have a much brighter, brighter and healthier skin, you can consume up to two glasses of rooibos tea a day.