Products Made with Tiles in Turkey


Tile is the name given to a kind of ceramic piece. This product, which is arranged on one surface and decorated with double colors and motifs on the other surface, is used in many areas by baking a special type of clay soil in an oven. People who deal with tile business are called Çinici. Tile making is an art that first started in the east. Later, it is possible to see that tile making was carried to different countries, with the Arabs acting as an intermediary.

How Did Tiling Spread?

In Spain, tile making has spread to many different places such as Barcelona and Valencia, and workshops have been established there. Later, it is possible to see the spread of tile making in many countries such as Italy, France, Netherlands and Hungary. Many different processes can be performed using tile work. In our country, tile making is an art that covers a very wide area.

Ceramic and Tile Difference

In general, many people confuse tiles and ceramics. In fact, tiles and ceramics are not completely different products from each other. While ceramic is the name given to a general product, tile is a sub-branch of it. Ceramic is made from a special clay. According to the size of the grains in the ceramic, we can divide it into two basic points. Coarse ceramics and fine ceramics are the names of these types. Muds such as quartz and feldspar, as well as clay, are used in ceramics. Tile, on the other hand, is a product that is polished on one side and contains different motifs. In other words, it is a general name that includes ceramic tiles. . It is possible to divide tile into 2 types. Large tiles or small mosaic tiles can be counted among them.

Tile in Architecture

When the Great Seljuks came to the Iranian towns in the 12th century, they provided quite different developments in the field of tiles. The tiles produced with many different techniques have started to be used in different areas. Reich tile is used in different colors and features, while it is a type of tile that ended after the Mongolian invasion. Anatolian Seljuks prefer the use of tiles in many architectural areas. It is possible to see the intense use of tiles in Kayseri Keykubadiye Palace. It is possible to see examples of tile Mihrab in Edirne Muradiye Mosque and wall tiles in Bursa Muradiye Mosque.

Tile Motifs

Products that are generally used in tile making can be counted as geometric shapes, animal figures and color combinations that contain and express different beliefs. In addition, the harmony between different colors includes very important meanings in traditional tiles. . It is possible to see especially blue and white tones in tiles.

Tile Usage Area

Tile is also used in many objects apart from architecture. It is possible to see the use of tiles in vases, jugs, plates and many more. In addition, it is possible to see the use of tiles in the decoration works of some places. In our country, many different forms of decoration are also used, inspired by tile making. Konya, Sivas and Kayseri can be given as an example to the cities where tile making is the most successful in our country. We also know that İznik and Çanakkale tiles are also famous. Kütahya can be given as an example as a city where many transactions are made on tile making.